School Readiness

Preparing for a smooth transition

Getting ready for school is an important milestone in our little ones’ life and it requires a strong foundation to help children start this amazing journey of learning. We have developed our school readiness program to be implemented in conjunction with our EYLF play based learning program.

Huntlee ELC - Face 6

Our program was developed in conjunction with one of our Centre’s local Public Schools Kindergarten Co-Ordinator and based around predetermined requirements for children to progress smoothly through their first year in Kindergarten.

Our School Readiness Program focuses on the fundamental social and emotional skills children will need for school. The program also includes Jolly Phonics and Phonetics which is based around subjects’ children will be involved in at school. The program incorporates subjects such as Mathematics, English, Visual Arts, PDHPE, and Science. This will be embedded into our Wombats daily programs and will help the children to develop the fundamental skills they will need for school. Children who attend our Centre participate in a range of activities and experiences that have been planned to meet their evolving needs. Fully qualified teachers and educators use special learning contexts that are designed to maximise the learning outcomes delivered during these activities.

Periodically throughout the year, our educators will discuss with you your child’s readiness to start school in regular meetings, parent teacher interviews, school transition nights and school information nights. This will provide you with support to help them to develop their school readiness skills at home. We work in partnership with our families and with local schools in our communities to assist you and your child with the transition and orientation process.