3 to 5 years

Being – Belonging – Becoming

Our physical environment creates an atmosphere that is welcoming, inviting and engaging. We have created an atmosphere where children can develop their skills and interests and become independent and confident learners.

Huntlee ELC - Face 14

The overall learning environment creates a feeling of safety and comfort- a place where all children belong. We provide a balance of indoor and outdoor activities that offer variety throughout the day. During indoor play, children have many experiences in learning areas with a variety of resources.

Our programs reflect a learning cycle whilst also adapting an intentional teaching project-based learning. This is a way for children to be involved in their own learning. We use different types of formats to gather and display children’s voices and their ideas about a topic including what they know and what they would like to learn. This information is then used to plan activities to further their knowledge and provide children with a range of learning experiences based on the learning project subject. Families can contribute, provide feedback and share with their family and friends their child’s achievements throughout the year.

Throughout the year we cover many important learning areas such as dental health, health and hygiene, road safety, child protection etc. Special days and theme days are celebrated in the centre throughout the year (optional) to allow us to bring families and the children together, to create a feeling of belonging and to develop a sense of community amongst families, educators and children. The incorporation of celebrations into children’s services programs can be an enriching experience for children, educators and families as it allows the opportunity for children to develop respect for diverse values and beliefs as they learn about practices which are different to their own.